Fly Fishing In new orleans

Fly fishing in Louisiana marshes reaches its apex in sight fishing for redfish, black drum, sheep head and jack crevalle. We love casting in the gin clear water of the Biloxi Marsh, just a short ride from New Orleans. Spend your day with us, sight casting to redfish in shallow water we call home in the 17 Strike by Beavertail Skiffs. Catching glimpses of redfish feeding on crab, busting shrimp and other baitfish is sure to excite. This experience on the flats is punctuated by great views of aquatic wildlife where waterfowl and shore birds abound.

The Biloxi Marsh is a saltwater marsh that emerges from the waters between Mississippi and Louisiana. Many people come fly fishing in New Orleans in the fall and winter to chase big redfish, but fly fishing for red drum is our specialty year round, and there’s a real possibility of chasing jack crevalle and sharks late in the summer, too.

Stay in the Big Easy for the amazing food and entertainment and get out on the water for a day of chasing reds on the fly.