Capt. Dave Best

Fly fishing has been a part of my life since I was young. Bass and bluegill on poppers armed with my Eagle Claw rod and Martin auto reel is how it began. I chased them in ponds, lakes, and a few places I wasn’t supposed to be in MS. Later, I fly fished for trout in the Ozark Mountains, Smoky Mountains, and streams out in New Mexico while working as a college pastor. Once I experienced redfish on fly in the marshes of South Louisiana while living in New Orleans, I knew fly fishing would be a part of my life from that point. Making a transition from a youth pastor Fly fishing in Louisiana has become my dream job since becoming a guide for the very same fish I love to chase.

our passion and the challenge

Fly fishing in New Orleans drives our passion, from tying flies in the shop to sight casting on the Louisiana Marsh. Fly fishing for redfish is about the challenge of lining up everything perfectly to pull in the fish we pursue. Spotting the fish, moving into position, casting the fly. We do our best to put you on the fish and maneuver into the best position for your cast.

Understanding the habits of redfish is crucial and the body language of the fish reveals best how to present the fly. Patience is key to our work - we want to serve you and watch as your passion for sightcasting grows. The Southern Fly is a place for beginners to learn and for seasoned anglers to continue doing what they love.